With my blog growing I am often contacted by brands with prepositions for different collaborations and sponsored posts. The interest towards Fashion Thrill makes me very happy. I’d be delighted to work with all companies and individuals offering products and services that appeal to me and fashionable women. In order to provide transparency between myself and companies, and to preserve my readers’ trust I decided to make my advertising and sponsorship policy public for everyone to see.

Sometimes companies send me products for free to review. I always disclose to the PR representatives that I will make an honest assessment of the product or if I feel very strongly against it I will not review it at all. Products sent to me for review purposes will not be returned, unless arrangements have been made with me prior to receipt. I always disclose in the post that the product was received for free and that this does not affect my judgment at all.

Sponsored posts
Occasionally I would agree to do a sponsored post. I pick my sponsors very carefully and only feature brands that I really like and stay behind every word I say. The fact that a post is sponsored is always disclosed and the payment does not affect my judgment at all. I would not do an advertising post about a company I do not support only for the payment. I always reserve my complete editorial control, so the posts fit my blog and focus.

I am also open to discuss other collaboration ideas. If you have any questions or would like to work with me don’t doubt to e-mail me: plamena_zahova@abv.bg