April 30, 2015

Book Review: Farfetch Curates Food

I am a reader, a foodie, a fashion explorer. I am a lover of beautiful. 

Farfetch Curates Food blends the three seamlessly. Discover dishes from all over the world, learn how to make the perfect cup of coffee or tea and explore the new trends in dining. The book takes you on a gourmet trip guided by the likes of Elletra Wiedemann, Leandra Medine, Yasuku Futura and a constellation of talented chefs. 

Farfetch Curates Food

It was fascinating to read about the new fashion capitals and where the local fashion packs choose to eat or drink or to learn the stories behind the names of some of the most iconic cocktails. Farfetch Curates Food woke up my curiosity and passion for food as a source of beauty and pleasure, as its own art-form even. The stunning photography and artwork are the icing on the cake, each of them worth framing. 

Approach with caution: this book provokes a desire to travel, to explore, to discover, to taste.

Farfetch Curates Food
Farfetch Curates FoodFarfetch Curates FoodFarfetch Curates FoodFarfetch Curates FoodWhat have you been reading lately?



Lauren Dimesky said...

I am a fan of Leandra and would love to read about her foodie cravings!!

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Marissa Ryan said...

Thanks for the review. It was really helpful.

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Galena Furniture said...

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Zara Smith said...

With cooking topics, I often prefer watch videos or TV programs to read books. Videos are easier to understand and follow their instructions.

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Penelope Sanchez said...

Farfetch is not only a trailblazer in fashion, it also curates a lifestyle.

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Sunny Anand said...

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Penelope Sanchez said...

I had heard about this series of books coming from Assouline and I waited with anticipation. I was rather disappointed when the small, almost pocket sized guide finally arrived. The "latest dalliances in food and drink" did nothing to whet my appetite and the photography was lacking. I was promised "this sumptuously illustrated volume is a must-have for foodies, explorers, and fashionistas alike." and I found myself happier without this "must-have" book and I'm surviving just fine. It's an uptight book that felt snobby yet without elegance, class or grace. Sadly, I was rather disappointed with this entire Farfetch Curates series.


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