February 3, 2015


Hello lovelies!

Sometimes I find myself wide awake in the small hours of the night browsing Amazon (or some other online store) and thinking: this is a really bad idea, I don't need it,  how am I going to wake up for work tomorrow... Oh, why the hell not?! Proceed to checkout. 

That is exactly how I discovered Travalo. What? A tiny spray bottle to hold your favorite scent on the go. I know what you're thinking - just another gimmick. But no! Didn't you think the same about the Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara that's now a staple in so many makeup bags? 

The "mechanism" on the bottom of every Travalo lets you transfer perfume directly from its original packaging without wasting a drop. Quick, easy and convenient! Every girl who carries her world on her shoulder (don't we all) will appreciate how much lighter Travalo is than a 50 or even 30 ml glass perfume bottle. Just throw it in your bag or carry-on and go for an adventure!


Keit said...

Супер, много хитро! И бутилчето е много сладко! BTW, имам пепър спрей който е едно към едно като парфюма, добра маскировка. Мухахаха! :D

Дарья Пленкина said...

follow to follow?

Дарья Пленкина said...

follow to follow?

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