January 21, 2015

Black Ankle Boots by Ash

Black ankle boots by Ash

Hello lovelies!

One can never have too many ankle boots, especially if that certain someone lives in London where an ankle book is an all-year-rounder! I am a proud owner of a small (or maybe not so small) collection to cater any occasion and outfit choice. However, when these Ash beauties, that Repertoire kindly sent me, arrived at the doorstep I realized there's been a void in my wardrobe.

I am not saying that just because black is universal and the leather is soft ... oh so soft ... but also because the height is perfect and gets me through an 8 (or more) hour day with no pain! *Whoever came up with the expression 'No pain, no gain!' clearly has never worn 6 inch heels to work, or anywhere for that matter.*

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