Cozy riding boots from Morlands

I've been on the hunt for a new riding boots long before the temperatures started descending from cold to freezing. In London boots are more or less year-rounders so finding the perfect pair to add to my wardrobe has turned into a mission, an almost impossible one. Most of them would hit me right under the knee which made them both unflattering and uncomfortable - a problem many petite girls would understand. Another issues I've often encountered, that I've noticed many other women complain about, is the calf size. It would either be too wide or too tight. When did brands stop manufacturing average-size anything? It seems you can either be model-sized or plus-sized these days. Nothing in between. 

About the time I almost settled for a pear of in-between-not-ankle-but-not-knee-high boots a Morlands representative contacted me asking whether I wanted to pick a pair of shoes from their website to try out and review. And lets be hones here. One does not simply say no to the company that provides the sheepskin for Rolls Royce and Bentley. After over and hour on their website I chose the SANDRA boots and only a few days later they arrived to my doorstep. Straight away (cause I am that impatient) I tried them on. Surprisingly, they fit straight away. No need to hope the leather will stretch a I wear them or to tell my self "it's OK I will only wear them with skirts."

I took a week or two to wear them around the city, pair them with jeans and dresses, and trust me I am not saying this lightly - this is the perfect pair of riding boots. Made of a combination of the softest leather and suede in a beautiful chocolate brown they are timeless and complement almost every outfit. However, the main reason I fell in love with them is the lining - the most indulgent plush sheepskin going all down the calf length and the in-sole making them the coziest and warmest pair of shoes I've owned.