July 25, 2014

Guest post: More than one time

Every single time you wear some fancy and glamorous dress, you want the whole world to see it. If you could, you would even hire the most expensive Nashville commercial photographer, to take pictures of you, for as long as you wear that dress. The thing is that some clothes are just spectacular, they cost a lot and when you’re wearing them, you want attention, because you deserve it. The only sad thing about these outfits is that you feel uncomfortable if someone sees you dressed in it, more than one time. You have to learn some tricks, to make the uniqueness last a little longer than just one night out.  So how do you recycle an expensive dress?

Just to make it clear, I’m not talking about the wedding dresses or the ones that have complicated decorations. It’s all about the cocktail style. The cocktail dress can be recycled by adding some super dazzling shoes. Add colors to the little black dress you own and point the whole attention to the shoes. Another way would be adding some crazy accessories. Take some necklaces, bracelets and earrings of big sizes. Let them be gold or silver. The whole look would just be different. Or if you’ve got any jewelry before, take it all down for now.

Another alternative would be to change some parts of the dress. If you already wore it many times, and you would not regret the fact that there is no way back, make it different. Cut it, add to it some rocks, make it shorter or make it longer. Never forget that the clothes are just little additions to what we are. They do not determine us, we do. And every single expensive piece of clothing is still just a thing. So, in case you can afford it, go for a change. Make it as your soul pleases and be happy about it. The seasons, the trends and the fashion are constantly changing, so why do not change the clothes we have. And in case you love a special dress and you don’t care about the opinions of the others, wear it for as many times as you want. In the end, what matters the most is your attitude and your state. If you’re okay with wearing the same clothes for more than one time, wear them. It’s all up to you. 

Author: Catherine Lavinia


GrandyXO said...

Ah I love this post its soo true! You don't want to wear too many times so changing it up is the perfect thing to do! Ah and confidence in my opinion aswell is always a must have accessory! xo


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