My essentials for a big night out

There are so many amazing places to go on a glam night out and although the weather may be gloomier here, I use fashion to lighten up every occasion. Sparkles, glitter, sequins and bright colours are some of my favourite ways to glam up an outfit, and what better excuse to wear them than to a party!

I’ve decided to share with you my essentials for a night out so that you can use some of my tips to dress your best too!

Killer heels are my first essential and whether they are sky-high stilettos or wicked wedges they need to be sexy! No party look is complete without a gorgeous pair of shoes that make you strut like a supermodel. If you are going to dance the night away make sure you find a pair that doesn’t only look stunning, they must also be comfortable and easy to have fun in!

Flirty, feminine cocktail dresses are my best friend at the moment and the shorter the better!  These dresses are great for a night out and can take you from playing Riverbelle online slots with friends, to a real casino without needing to change! I love lace, anything that’s shiny or slinky and am a big fan of embellishment. The length of a cocktail dress is perfect for me too, as although I adore maxi dresses I find them too voluminous and they get in the way.

A clutch or cute bag is another essential and it’s even better if it matches my shoes, or is a complete statement piece all on its own. A silver glittery bag is one of my favourite clutches as it stands out and looks really good against any outfit, even if I’m wearing all black for a super dressy occasion.

My last cant-live without big night out essential is my coat because it gets really cold here and its often raining. I’ve chosen ¾ coat as my go-to item and it makes me feel very glam every time I throw it off to reveal my party dress underneath!

I also like to add accessories, do my make up a little darker and use every night out as an opportunity to be a little bolder with fashion. Please let me know if you do these things and what your party fashion essentials are!

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Keit said…
В редките моменти, когато излизам с приятеля ми, той се облича като клошар, а аз се токам все едно ще ходя на бал....Изглеждаме абсурдно...:D
Comfortable but sexy shoes are so important!
wow the lovely black and white poss. :)
Celyn PS said…
what a great post! I completely agree with all these tips, especially the part about fabulous shoes!