The Wardrobe: From Night to Day | Part II: Day

Is there a glamorous dress at the back of your wardrobe you wish you could wear all the time? A dress so fabulous it instantly picks up your mood and makes you feel like a queen? A dress waiting for a special occasion that rarely comes around? Why wait? Why don't you put it on today and let your inner queen shine?

Long gone are the times when there were rules in fashion. If Kirsten Stewart can pair a silver Guishem minidress with scuffed-up converse for the red carpet you can wear a party dress any time! Throw on a biker jacket on top and switch the heels for comfortable flats to dress it down, let your hair loose and take over the city.

Going from night to day? Wearing sequins for breakfast and a princess dress to the mall? I say why not!

I am wearing: Dress: Chi Chi / Jacket: H&M / Shoes & Purse: From local stores


Keit said…
Отново съм на 100 процента съгласна с теб! ^_^ Много обичам да обличам фенси шменси роклички за не толкова фенси шменски събития, като излизане на кафе :D Един път се живее все пак!
Много ми харесва твоето рокле, изглеждаш зашеметяващо!
Tia said…
Beautiful! I love your sparkly shoes! x

Senorita Roy said…
The outfit is absolutely fabulous. Even I love outfits especially black for parties. You just rock. Cheers.....
Zoha Fatima said…
Love the idea of this post! And, you look fab!
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