Inspirational Quote: 5 TED Talks

Happy Monday! 

Listening to interesting TED Talks never fails to inspire and motivate me. When Adi from TEDxNBU's team asked me if I'd like to share my Top 5 my only concern was narrowing down. Instead of Top 5 out of all TED Talks I've watched (which is impossible to select) I've chosen the five videos I can relate to most at this certain (turning) point of my life.

What's your Rubik's cube? by Tim Grunert

Comfortable in the uncomfortably by Jess Huddart

Why you need to fail in public by Carolyn Rodz

Failures are Opportunities in disguise by Johan Ernst 

The Power of Seduction in our everyday lives by Chen Lizra

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Have a great week! 

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Keit said…
Оф, тъкмо мислех да измия чинийте и сега ми зариби з TED талкс...Curse you!
Boyana said…
The power of introverts също е много добър talk, ако се причисляваш към групата на интровертите. Също и The paradox of choice. Сега ще гледам и тези, звучат доста интересно :)