Beauty Review: Essie Millionails

Essie Millionails
Promise: "Bulletproof nails. Fortified with with iron, amino acids and kevlar, each bottle contains 1 million fast acting molecules to help resist peeling and splitting for visibly stronger nails."  

Price: £8.99

Review: My nails have always been brittle. They peel, split and break easily with my polish chipping off literally hours after I paint them. I've tried different base and top coats but nothing made much of a difference. About two weeks ago I went on a mission to buy a treatment that would actually keep its promises and brought Essie's Millionails home. 

Best nail-related purchase ever. I've used it twice and I can already see the difference. My nails are stronger and don't break as easily anymore. There's still some peeling but the improvement is obvious. 

When used on its own the nails look neat and shiny, but as a base coat Millionails is even better. I notice the polish drying much faster. Wrinkles and bubbles are no more. One of the issues I used to have was my nail color wrinkling  after I sleep on it every time I painted my nails after 6:00 PM. I've used Millionails as a base twice and it hasn't happened. I've painted my nails twice in two weeks! The staying power Essie's treatment provides is incredible. 

The company advises to follow Millionails with the Grow Stronger base coat for added strength and I definitely intent to give it a try.  

Final Verdict: Essie's Millionails not only keep its promises but does even more. 

The benefits it provides include:
  • Stronger and harder nails 
  • Reduced breaking and peeling 
  • Quicker drying and prolonged longevity of the nail polish on top.
Shop online: Superdrug / Boots

Essie Millionails

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