The Wardrobe | Facets of a Cut | The Straight Skirt: Taffeta & Lace

Everything that features lace and sequins in a tasteful I love. I guess I'm naturally drawn to all things beautiful, luxurious and sparkly. Which explains why I pulled this outfit. The subtle sequins on top are perfectly appropriate for everyday wear. Who doesn't love some sparkle for breakfast right? 

The idea for the skirt was born while my mom and I were trying to bring some order to the chaos of our textile cabinet. I found the beautiful lace laying on top of the beautiful salmon fabric left from my cousins prom dress. It was such a beautiful pairing. The slight sheen of the underskirt creates a unique background for the lace. 

This is actually the last of three skirts I created using the simple pattern of a straight skirt. However, they are completely different thanks to the different materials I chose for each one. See the other two here: Romantic Nostalgia and Modern Day Classics.

I am wearing: Skirt: Made by me / Blouse: H&M / Hat: H&M / Jewelry: New Look / Shoes: Vera Pelle

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XoXo Plami


Hadrien Leite said…
Super awesome pics :)
Cool outfit <3
InesT said…
Love the skirt **

Ines Loves
Have a lovely day! <3
IT *
Keit said…
Толкова си красивааа! И не мога да повярвам, че умееш да твориш такива разкошни дрешки, завиждам!!! :D