Inspirational Quote: Make a Step

Happy Monday! 

Every Monday I share a motivational quote to inspire both you and myself. I try to be as positive, confident and hopeful as I can, but sometimes I doubt myself and my actions. I wonder am I on the right path, do I make the right choices, most of all I wonder is what I am doing enough. There's this little voice in my head whispering, trying to convince me that I have this Disney character thinking, that things won't always happen the way I want them to and that maybe it is time to get real and consider a career outside of the fashion and beauty field that I love, that whatever I do my dreams are out of reach. I am not ready to listen to this voice and I hope I never will. 

We all have our moments of doubt, it's human, but no matter how far your dreams seem to be, or how rocky your path is all you need to do is make a step, and then another one, and another one... It takes effort, persistence and time, it takes patience and sometimes it takes blind stubbornness. Don't let that little voice convince you to give up on your dreams. Just make a step ...

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.Have a wonderful week!

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Keit said…
Напълно съгласна! Забелязала съм, че това победенческо поведение, си е типична българска черта и много пречи на развитието, в която и да е насока.
Indy said…
What a wonderful quote! Thank you for sharing!