Guest Post: 8 Things That Have Changed Men's Fashion

Fashion plays a distinctive role in our culture, men's clothing has been affected by outside factors for many years. In a way fashion is a social force a way of creating an identity. Certain subcultures have been created as a way of rebelling against society, groups of individuals mainly the younger generation have used fashion as a way of breaking away and expressing themselves.

When it comes to the fashion industry what's hot today is not tomorrow - but it is surprising the amount of trends are reused and reworked to suit modern trends. The fashion industry is ever changing however still to this day what men have worn in the past still impacts what they will wear in the future. Future trends will continue to be influenced by past fashion trends and we hate to say it but like your mum said, “everything comes back around” - because it really does! 

The 1920’s

The 1920’s was an iconic era in men's fashion - a decade where there was a distinct change in attitude when it came to dressing. Pinstripes suits, wide leg trousers and club collared shirts were all born in the 20’s as well as the use of sportswear and “off duty” dressing. The 1920’s influences have been a mainstay in men's fashion, the freedom of expression of the 20’s are still visible on the catwalk to this very day. 

The Mods

The 1960’s was a period of time that broke many rules when it came to fashion, a reflection of what was happening socially at the time. The Mods became iconic era for shaping young men's fashion - a time that has been referred to as the “British Invasion” with the Beatles being at the forefront of this new fashion introducing fitted  Italian suits, turtle-necks and anoraks to the rest of the world.

The Rockers

The Mod’s rival group at the time in the UK were the Rockers (Greasers) who wore blue jeans and Schott Perfecto. Leather jackets with greased hairstyles. The later part of the 1960’s was the rise of the hippy era with this came the introduction of tie-dye which represented the protest against the Vietnam War. 

The Disco Era

The disco era saw the best clothing of the 60’s mixed together - the mods and the hippies combined to create an eclectic explosion of colour with tight fitting pants, flared trousers and platform shoes. 


Punks are heavily associated with doc martens, ripped skinny jeans and leather jackets however they were much more than that centred around punk rock music and the promotion of individual freedom breaking away and rebelling against society. Hence the eccentric mohican hairstyles and over use of safe pins and studs holding clothing together. 

New Romantics

The 80’s was the era of excess -if you were going to do it you needed to do it big. The New Romantics celebrated glamour and were mostly British and Irish, they were heavily influenced by Gothic and punk fashion - spiked hair, out there clothing and eye-liner was worn by both women and men. The androgynous look was hugely popular at this time seen on pop stars like Boy George, Prince and Annie Lennox.


The 90’s saw the most frequent changes in fashion trends that there probably has ever been. Grunge was big in the early 90’s, guys grew their  hair long and check flannel shirts and ripped jeans were popular among teens. The military trend happened in the mid 90’s and camouflage made an appearance in mainstream fashion.

90’s Hip Hop

The 90’s were an iconic time for men's fashion, a playful era that introduced some of the most hilarious combinations that will no doubt come round again. However the most predominant fashion trend of the 1990’s was influenced by hip hop music - street wear and urban styles were everywhere to be seen.

Author: Izzy Evans


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Fashion forecasts for the next year are full of solid colors among them shiny solid colors and metallics, tons of animal prints and stripes, bohemian looks as well as over sized and bulky 

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