The Wardrobe: Romantic Dreaming of Provence

There are countless things that can inspire me to create a piece of clothing or put an outfit together. I might see a fabric in a store, a runway look, a magazine shoot, or even a flower or a certain color scheme, a texture. Inspiration is all around us, we just have to keep our eyes and minds open.

The inspiration for this skirt that I created (with the help of my mom) the inspiration came from Peter Mayle's books about Provence. Although he doesn't describe the way women dress in the south of France, I imagine lace details and full skirts, flat shoes and printed scarves. He talks about the cold mistral blowing in the winter and the burned ashy colours of the summer, about the lavender and the vineyards, about long summer days and cozy dinners. I associate the skirt with all that and it puts me in the romantic mood that inspired the outfit. If I visit Provence during Fall or Winter this is an outfit I'd love to wear!

I'm wearing: Skirt: Made by me / Sweater: Mango (similar here) / Scarf: Parfois / Hat: Vintage (similar here) / Tights: From a local store (similar here) / Shoes: From a local store (similar here)

What inspires your outfits?

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ohh I love the scarf here, it goes well with the outfit, so cozy and chic!
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