Homemade: Ceramic Hearts & Buttons

Handmade Ceramic brooches - hearts and buttons
I attend handmade ceramic workshops during the weekends. It is a part of my passion to create home and fashion accessories. To create beauty pieces for my home and my loved ones is essential for my inside harmony and helps me to deal with the stress in the world around.

These are my pretty colorful hearts. After the ceramic work is done I fixed pins on the back and the brooches are ready. I have made a dozen J as little magic gifts for my friends. This kind of accessory goes well with knitted clothes. The decorative ornaments and glaze of the ceramic works harmonize with the woolly texture of the knitting. Colors of the glazed ceramic parts are tuned with warm natural colors.

To some of the ceramic hearts and buttons I added crochet lace or delicate tulle and the result is marvelous.

Handmade Ceramic brooches - hearts and buttons
Handmade Ceramic brooches - hearts and buttons
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Eli Doinoff said…
Сладкиши! Страхотни са <3
Iva Klepi said…
I absolutly love these buttons :)
I want some ♥
2minutos said…
Amazing diy! Love it!