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We live in a consumerist society. With mass-manufacturing and fast fashion on the rise clothes have become widely available but also disposable. Buying a trendy dress, skirt or top we don’t expect to wear it longer than a season or two at best. Thanks to the internet and the social media we’re being offered hundreds of personalized choices on a daily, even hourly basis. Often the temptation is impossible to resist and we find ourselves adding yet another garment to an already overflowing wardrobe. However, we keep wearing the same things over and over again because nothing can be found in the clutter. Sounds familiar? Each season we promise to make space, clean out the pieces we don’t wear anymore. Throwing away clothing we once loved, however, induces guilt and frustration. is a great way to avoid the unpleasant experience by selling the pieces to someone who’s going to love them. With their unlimited free listings with up to 5 photos per item it has never been easier to declutter. They even offer the option to mark items down for clearance if they don’t sell. Add their low commission of just 5% and the offer is impossible to miss!

Plus, while on the website, you can take a look at what other people are selling. One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure, right? How about a Stefanel knit for a fraction of the real retail price. What’s more fun is that with the “Name Your Price” feature buyers can negotiate the price with the sellers. All you have to do is describe your style in the search box and start browsing the offers.

If you sign up now you even have the chance to win $1000! Are you tempted yet?

The company also has a lovely blog full of inspiration. At they feature beautiful ladies with incredible sense of style and celebrate their differences. Why? To remind every woman out there that she’s beautiful in her individuality, that true style comes from within and that there’s nothing more stunning than being her unique self!

What are you waiting for? Head over there and let me know what you think! 

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Linda B said…
What a great idea! I need to declutter my have no idea...haha

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Jodie said…
I was considering decluttering my wardrobe onto asos marketplace but this seems so much easier
Anonymous said…
such a great idea doll ! xx
Anonymous said…
such a great idea doll ! xx
Plami, thanks so much for the feature! It's very much appreciated. Hope you are having a fabulous week xoxo! - Sierra from Rags Exchange