Bucket List: 50 things I want to do or learn

Yesterday Adi from A piece of Adi tagged me to compose a list of 50 things I want to do or learn in my life. Sounds like a lot but it really isn't. Once I started putting things on paper I really could not stop. It made think about my goals and dreams without limiting them. Taking time to let my mind wonder was a fun, relaxing and enlightening experience so thank you, Adi! :) 

1. Learn to manage my time and be more productive
2. Have an article published in Vogue
3. Meet Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington & Bill Cunningham
4. Interview John Galliano
5. Visit New York, Milan, Paris & London fashion weeks
6. Own a house with a garden and a view
7. Have two children
8. Buy a house at the Lake Como for my parents
9.  Live in Italy and visit every little town and village
10. Travel around Provence and visit the chateaus
11. Take sommelier courses
12. Make my own wine
13. Learn French
14.  Find a job that I love and makes me feel accomplished
15. Buy a cat
16.  Learn to sew like my mom
17. Find a workout routine I love
18. Fall in love with my self
19. Read 52 books in a year
20. Write a novel
21. Buy myself a ridiculously expensive present without feeling guilty
22. Become a Cheese Connoisseur
23.  Post on FashionThrill.com every day for a year
24. Build FashionThrill.com exactly how I want it to be
25. Help someone else fulfill a goal
26. Teach someone a new skill
27. Inspire someone
28.  Learn Kickboxing
29. Learn to shoot
30. Scuba dive
31. Overcome my fear of failure
32. Become a morning person
33. Make a wish to a shooting star
34. See the “Northern Lights”
35. See the  seven wonders of the world
36. Listen to Robbie Williams sing Angles live
37.  Pet an owl
38. Ride a gondola in Venice
39. Go to Disneyland
40.  Run the Marathon du Medoc
41. Take a road trip around Europe
42. Take a road trip around the US and Canada
43. Visit as many countries as possible
44. Take a cruise
45. Take baking & pastries classes
46. Wear a Couture gown
47. Plant a tree 
48. Grow a flower
49. Be more patient 
50. Learn to let go

What's on your bucket list?

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Yay, thanks Plami :) This was great!

22. Become a Cheese Connoisseur is my favorite :)
Sianna Marinova said…
Ех, колко общи неща има с моя списък за 2014 xD
Imogen said…
Wow there are some really amazing goals here. I can’t wait to read your article in Vogue, I am sure you’ll get there.
Elle Sees said…
#1 is my worst trait. always working on it but i get so dang distracted
Elle Sees said…
#1 is my worst trait. always working on it but i get so dang distracted