A Guide to Christmas: My Letter to Santa Claus

Have you already written your letter to Santa Claus? With only 4 days and 12 hours (yes, I count the hours too)  left till Christmas it is about time to do so. Although most of my wishes are immaterial there are some things I'd love to find under the tree this year. Who doesn't love gifts, right? J

Fashion Thrill's Guide to Christmas: My Letter to Santa Claus featuring Samsung Galaxy tab 3, The tangle teezer, Little red dress, French Connection eyeshadow collection and Leandra Medine's book Man Repeller
1. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 ... or any other tablet. I travel a lot and a compact tablet would be incredibly handy to keep up with the blog and all of my social media. It is about time for me to get Instagram too, right? I also want to start buying more e-books as it will be easier to just a tab around instead of a thick, heavy book and I don't have any space left too keep them anymore. 
2. The Tangle Teezer. I can't even tell you how much I need it. Brushing my now quite long hair can be so frustrating. I've tried countless leave-in conditioners and detanglers and nothing seems to help.
3. Little Red Dress. The LBD is a classic and never goes out of style but red makes such a strong statement! The color of love, passion and power in all of its shades is all I want to wear lately. 
4. French Connection Eyeshadow Collection. The shades are beautiful and I've read really good review about it. Lately I've been trying to wear more color so this would be a perfect addition to my collection. A girl can never have enough eye shadows! J
5. Leandra Medine's book - Man Repeller. I just love her witty writing and bold sense of style! Now this is a book I want to have a hard copy of! 

What's on your Christmas list?

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ritzz said…
i love the samsung galaxy tab 3 and the dress :) kiss RUN YOUR WORLD
i love the samsung tab!!! kisses honey!!!
Hollie Ryan said…
Tablets are so handy for checking blog related emails, watching tv catch up and so much more! I have a tangle teezer, they're so good, only problem is they're so damaging to your hair because they rip the knots out!
Ditto on all of those things!! Hope you get it all love!

Amanda | feast.fashion.faves
Linda B said…
Haha, yeah if Santa managed to slip these under my tree, I'd be super happy too!

The Dragonfruit Diaries
Sylwia Dolores said…
great post:)
followed, kisses x