Wednesday Wishes Vol.7 | Snow day essentials

The first snowflakes began falling yesterday and quietly covered the world. This morning I woke up extra early to see the city sleeping under a blanket. As beautiful as it is the snow is too cold and wet for my taste. I need to keep myself warm and cozy to be able to appreciate the joys of winter. There are a few essentials I always keep in my closet for crisp snowy days like this. 

Wishlist for a snow day featuring agnelle short quilted gloves, harrods raccoon trooper hat, Inès & Maréchal  Fox fur snood, Thermos vintage travel mug and Living Kitzbühel Wellies
1. Agnelle short quilted gloves to stylishly protects my hands from the weather.
2. Harrods of London Raccoon Fur Trooper Hat. Can you say "no" to a warm fur hat? I know I can't!
3Inès & Maréchal Vip Fox Fur Snood. Isn't this one of the most lavish ways to battle the cold?
4. Living Kitzbühel Wellies. Wellies are the best for wet snowy days because they keep my feet dry. Nothing worse than spending the day in the puddle of your own shoes! And don't you love the touch of tartan? 
5. Thermos Vintage Travel mug to keep my coffee or tea close at all times! 

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What are your winter essentials?




Purple Ivy said…
Those boots are fabulous.

Those gloves are beautiful!
It doesn't snow wear I live, but I agree, these are the essentials!!!

Amanda |
scottjames said…
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