Wednesday Wishes Vol.5 | Randomly Browsing

There's over a month until Christmas, but the holiday discounts and gift guides are already all around, shiny and tempting. I may or may not have explored Asos' entire list of gift ideas over a cup of tea last night... and I may or may not have saved a several wish lists worth of items in my online shopping bag. Some of them fall under certain themes and some of them don't. Today I'm feeling pretty random so why don't we start with the later.

1.Wish List Sticky Tabs. They'll be so useful when I'm trying to hint what I want for Christmas ... to Santa Claus of course! Way faster than writing a letter! :)

2. Cath Kidston Sweetheart Rose Travel Sewing Kit because you never know when you're going to need a quick fix! Wardrobe malfunctions are real! Better be prepared!

3. Too Faced Pretty Rebel Palette. I adore the shades! At first sight they might seem daunting but paired right they're all wearable ... apart from the extreme pink may be, but wouldn't it make a beautiful blusher? 

4. Anatomicals Silk Sleep Mask just because it's fun! I never use sleep masks at home but I always pack one when traveling. There's nothing worse than a street light shining through your window when you're trying to get your beauty sleep, right?

5. This Works The Dream Team Sleep Duo definitely sounds like something I could use. With all the social media, fashion blogs and captivating books to read who doesn't have problem sleeping!

Check out my Tweed of England wishlist too! 

What's on your random wish list?