Interview: Mariann Ami about Vision of Femininity & Luxury Handmade Lingerie

Hi Mariann, tell us something about yourself

I'm Mariann, I'm 19 from the UK and I work as a fashion model but now I also have my own e-boutique specializing in designer, luxury lingerie. I work with sophisticated designers to bring you luxury lingerie you'll love!

You have completed A levels in Art, Psychology and English. Why did you decide to work in the fashion industry instead of pursuing a career as a psychologist for example?

Fashion has always enthralled me even from a young age. I'd walk around wearing high heels and dress up when I was growing up.  I would flick through Vogue and Elle magazine, looking at the editorials and adverts which were my favorite part at the time. The creativity of fashion and how you wear it inspires me. It's amazing that you can incorporate so many aspects of who you are into fashion.  I wanted to become a model from the age of 12 but I didn't develop the confidence until I was a bit older.

I decided to continue to study before I entered modelling, I undertook A levels and completed the course when I was 18 (last year). Psychology is something I have been interested in for years. I am interested in the way people think and how we should deal with certain situations. My favourite films tend to be psychological or mysteries. I haven't ever felt this profession is where I belong though, I don't like the idea of giving people advice or counsel for their money and  I don't actually have the degree to do that. I'd just rather enjoy the hard work I put into my modelling career and hope to inspire others through what I do.

What inspired you to create Vision of Femininity?

I had been modelling for a year before I created Vision of Femininity. I am enamored with lingerie and I wanted to incorporate that to my body of work when modelling. VoF gives me the opportunity to do that and share my knowledge with the rest of the world. I am inspired by well-being, beauty, femininity and elegance which make up Vision of Femininity. I appreciate how lingerie can leave you feeling good about yourself.  You can get numerous, different designs of lingerie and I'm drawn to the creativity. It's a great opportunity to share this with the rest of the world too.  I hope to inspire a healthy lifestyle, encourage other women to treasure themselves and feel fearlessly confident because we can sometimes struggle to love ourselves. Vision of Femininity gives me a voice to inspire others and my experience in modelling guides me.

I knew luxury lingerie was the right product for VoF, I am considering expanding into a lifestyle and having a selection of  departments related to luxury lingerie in the future such as swimwear and beauty products. Fingers crossed!

How do you pick the designers you work with?

I search for enchanting designs, chic, comfortable lingerie, something of which is different from what's on the common market because I believe in style. I hunt for lingerie which gives flattering shape and contours the body. I'm developing my own view of lingerie and what works for me as I go along and discovering what my customers love best, this enables me to have a good idea of what I am looking for in the near future. In the end, it's the designers that choose to work with me based on my modelling portfolio and the brand identity of Vision of Femininity.

Do you think women buy lingerie for themselves or for the person next to them?

I think most women buy lingerie for themselves, we all like to treat ourselves to some luxury and the right lingerie will leave us feeling good about ourselves. Part of feeling confident starts with the undergarments, you can wrap yourself around with beauty, elegance, and fine material, who would say no to that? The lingerie at VoF is very classy and it's going to last in comparison with cheaper lingerie.

Real men will esteem women's emotions, they'll encourage them to embrace themselves so may buy them luxury lingerie as they know they are giving a gift ladies'll love. It's not always the case of buying them luxury lingerie but it does make a great gift especially for Valentine's day, birthdays and Christmas.

What is your favorite piece in the store?

I have various favourites but I'd like to talk about the low-cut hipster knickers by Buttress & Snatch at Vision of Femininity. They're new to VoF. We have the Red Rose and Black Maria ones. They give ultimate flattering shape, amazing contour, are very comfortable to wear which is also part of VoF's philosophy (to wear comfortable lingerie). The Red Rose is made from vibrant soft, stretchy, red satin. Red is my all time favorite colour. These knickers are elegant, sexy briefs featuring stretch georgette swatches across the hips and back then finished with satin rosebuds! Black Maria knickers are draped with the softest cobweb lace and finished with bead drops and the super beautiful velvet flowers. The floral detail has caught the attention of several women because it's a lovely pink colour against fine black material.

Black Maria Lingerie by Buttress & Snatch from Vision of Femininity VoF

What is the bestselling piece?

The most popular lingerie at Vision of Femininity is the Opal range by Dentelle etc. Women of all shapes and sizes adore this set. It's sophisticated, chic, unique and gives flattering shape!  The back of the Onyx Sheer Shortie by Dentelle etc at Vision of Femininity features a bow which has caught the attention of many women. It's affordable, elegant but rather sexy and is ideal for modern, young women. I was recently tweeted  about the Red Rose lingerie by Buttress & Snatch at Vision of Femininity being a favourite, it's perfect for the upcoming holidays like Christmas and then Valentine's day. It's an elegant set made with vibrant, red satin and finished with satin rosebuds.

OPAL Lingerie by Dentelle etc from Vision of Femininity VoF

Vision of Femininity’s mission is to inspire women to embrace themselves and “feel fearlessly confident.” With all the pressure on women to look a certain way it can be challenging to feel that way. What is your advice for them?

I completely agree with what you're saying and understand. From my experience, this undeniably applies to the modelling industry. The mission behind Vision of Femininity is to inspire women to feel fearlessly confident with the aim to generate peace between women. Women should empower one another rather than compete with each other. I try to avoid discussing weight in general but I hope that by using myself as the face of Vision of Femininity, it can some how convey the message that it doesn't matter what shape or size you are, we are all unique in our own way. High end lingerie often uses naturally slim, healthy women but still encourages women of all shapes and sizes.

It's essential to be who you want to be, to be who you believe yourself to be but respect other looks and differences. If you see gorgeous lingerie you wish to wear but think you wouldn't look good in it, change your attitude because the lingerie isn't conveying that message to you. It can only enhance you more and that increases confidence. The more you learn to appreciate yourself and that can start with wearing the things you love, then the more you will start to see yourself in a positive light and others will see that too!