November 7, 2013

How to pair a diamond tennis bracelet

Diamond tennis bracelets are a classic that (just like a string of pearls) is appropriate for any outfit and occasion. The trend set by … so many years ago is still alive today. Loved by women of all ages the luxurious accessory adds just enough sparkle to a look. It stands on its own but can also be complemented by other jewelry pieces, as long as they don’t overpower it.

How to pair a diamond tennis bracelet.

Rule number one is to always match the metals. Sterling silver, white gold and platinum look beautiful together, while two-tone jewelry looks best with yellow gold and other gold-toned metals.

Simple studs or discreet drops are the perfect companion to a beautiful tennis bracelet, matching it elegantly without being too overpowering. Keep the intricate chandelier earrings for time when they can be the focal point of an outfit and shine on their own.

The same goes for bold statement necklaces. Let your tennis bracelet be the focus and pair it with a thin chain in a matching metal. You can also add a petite diamond pendant for e touch of glamour.

A ring sits very close to the bracelet. A plain band in a matching metal is stylish and understated enough to complement your main accessory. For more glamorous occasions you can also wear a diamond ring. Just keep away from bold cocktail rings with extravagant gemstone embellishments as they will distract from the bracelet.

Stack your diamond tennis bracelets with more non-encrusted bangles or chains in a matching metal. When pairing bracelets choose a single bold one and keep the rest of them simple. Arm-arm candy is always a good idea!

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