Guest Post: What do your jeans say about you?

Jeans are a fashion staple in every woman's wardrobe, and every style has a distinct personality. Whether you're a bootcut babe or a skinny jean diva, just what do your denims say about you?

Skinny jeans: modern mama
With gorgeous celebrity mums like Hilary Duff and Reese Witherspoon rocking skinny jeans, the tight fitting cut is officially no longer reserved for teenage girls and rock stars. Skinnies show body confidence, fashion know-how and a youthful sense of fun. Not just for the super slender, this slinky style won't load legs with extra fabric and can work as a bold evening look when teamed with boots and a leather jacket.

Straight leg: casual chic
Flattering on all figures, straight leg jeans are both stylish and comfortable. More forgiving than skinnies and more fitted than bootcuts, this easy style conveys a casual, laid back character. They're also versatile, working with everything from trainers to heels and boots - a must for ladies who love their denim.

Ripped jeans: punk queen
There is something undeniably rock 'n' roll about this outrageous style. They're rebellious and punk rock, and the chances are that their owners are too. A pair of ripped jeans expresses a sense of anarchy, a free spirit and a person who is up-to-date with fashion but also ready to party and not afraid to get into mischief. As much as we love them, these might be best avoided if you don't want to look like a teenage dirtbag.

Bootcut: traditional taste
Smart and safe, bootcut jeans are the go-to design to create a flattering silhouette and a polished look. The classic cut will never go out of style, and if your wardrobe is full of bootcuts we reckon you're reliable and quietly confident, and that you prize favourite looks that work for you over the latest trends.

Coloured denim: creative flair
Today's denims are shunning the old black and blue styles in favour of rainbow tones. Individuals sporting something bright and brilliant are fashion conscious and playful, and willing to push the boat out to get noticed.

Author: Catherine Lavinia is a freelancer in marketing, passionate about fashion.


I think I'm a little bit of everything :)
Linda B said…
Haha I wear almost all of these styles!

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