New in The Wardrobe: Accidental Autumn shoes

Cognac Autumn flat combat boots
Don't you love it when you accidentally bump into your new pair of shoes? That's what happened to me on a lovely Autumn afternoon. Last Saturday, strolling down my favorite little streets in the heart of the city, peeking into every local boutique in search of inspiration I stumbled upon these beauties. My plans to save up some money disappeared like smoke. Before I knew it I was walking out with a bag in my hand and a damaged bank account. Almost a week later I don't regret it even the tiniest bit!

If anything, I am pleased with my purchase! These are the perfect Autumn shoes for the city. Before I spent a year in London I used to wear heels literally all the time. Having to walk for hours at a time jumping on and off The Tube made me come to my senses pretty quickly. Don't get me wrong, I still love a beautiful pair of heels but now I also appreciate the comfort of flats. 

I love that these remind me of combat boots, yet they're toned down to a softer version. The delicious cognac color of the leather is one of my favorite tones ever and I cannot wait to wear these out with the girliest dresses that I own and a warm autumn scarf! 

Cognac Autumn flat combat boots

Cognac Autumn flat combat boots
Cognac Autumn flat combat boots
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Lilli said…
Hi Plami! Lovely purchase, for sure you will wear them a lot! Looks so comfy, the perfect booties for fall. Have a lovely weekend dear, kisses! xo
Ella West said…
Lovely boots. Seems very comfortable indeed. Have a nice weekend!
Keit said…
Страхотни са! Точно такива обичам, леко мъжествени и топъл кафяв цвят. Браво за покупката!
Diva In Me said…
It's a great feeling when you accidentally found something which you've been waiting to have for so long =) This is definitely a gorgeous pair.

P.S. Thank you for stopping by my blog and visited Mood & Closet too. I'm flattered from your compliment =)
Cute fall shoes!

Best, Jenny