October 13, 2013

Homemade: Autumn pillow cases

DIY Autumn pillow cases

The sunny autumn days are really great! Yesterday spent almost a long time in the park having a cup of coffee (or a glass of beer) with friends. It is like saying farewell to the summer sun and leisure time.

On the way home in the evening we decided to bring the autumn colors and sunny rays with us. I have seen several DIY ideas how to use leafs and paints for handmade projects. We have a big sofa with lots of pillows which we redecorate quite often. It is the way to bring different atmosphere at home. That is why we decided to make pillow cases with autumn leaf motives.

We bought textile paints in beautiful red, brown, yellow and green colors, chose yellow ready-made pillow cases made of pure cotton and took real leafs in different shapes and sizes. The fun started J
The result is great, isn't it?

You can also use small apples or pears cut in halves to make stamps and then make the final touches with thin brushes.

DIY Autumn pillow cases

DIY Autumn pillow cases
DIY Autumn pillow cases
DIY Autumn pillow cases



Midnight Cowgirl said...

Beautiful pillowcases!

Linda B said...

Whoa, fantastic job making these! They look perfect for fall :)

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Amanda {feast.fashion.faves} said...

oh my GOSH! This turned out so awesome! I absolutely love it!! what a great and creative idea!


Cleo Rogers said...

Love this, looks fantastic and so simple too! I just love the fabric you've chosen too.
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dunncandace said...

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