Guest Post: Fall-Winter trends in watches

Fall 2013 trends in watches

It is beginning to get cold, dark and for some of us it is more difficult to look fashionable in Winter. Constant unmatchable layering, sensible shoes that don’t go with any outfit and not to mention it can be expensive to buy new warm winter clothes. In Susan’s “How to Work Your Summer Pieces into Your Fall Wardrobe” post she wrote about this dilemma where she recommended, well, working summer pieces into a Fall wardrobe. Another way of staying trendy through the seasons is by using accessories and most notably by using watches. 

If a watch is going to be bought it should be budget-friendly as if it’s too expensive then you may as well buy new Winter clothes. When thinking about what watch to buy, colours are important as you can match the colours with what is in fashion for the season. This season it is ‘leafy’ colours- reds (mainly burgundies), browns, greens and oranges. The most popular watch colour this season is definitely burgundy and Casio thankfully have a cheap burgundy watch that is cute on the wrist, in style and highly useful.

If watches on the wrist are not your thing, then why not purchase a multi-use one? When looking for Fall watches at The Watch Hut this Accessorize necklace-watch caught my eye. Not only is it great for dressing up an outfit it can also tell you the time! The colours on this necklace-watch are also perfect for Fall, with red flowers and hearts, green leafs and an emerald green heart.

It is also ideal for the watch to be water-resistant as it can get very wet during Fall and Winter (especially here in the United Kingdom!!!) and so make sure to check before buying. 

Oh, and remember, watches never go out of style!! 

Author: Charlotte Adams - blogger and writer for The Watch Hut. She enjoys fashion, writing and being geeky.


♥vendy♥ said…
recently I'm in love with casio watches I want one...
happy day

Anonymous said…
I totally agree a good watch is always a classic.
Ana Meyer said…
The classics are always the best ones. Now I'm just 'saving up' for a michael kors one :) x
Lilli said…
Love to wear watches and just I need a new one, this Casio with the burgundy face is very nice. Great guest post Plami! Kisses dear, have a lovely evening! xo
John Anthony said…
Although I favor sport watches, I'm still saving up for a Rolex!

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