Bourjois Paris Twist up the Volume Mascara Review

When I saw the Bourjois Paris Twist up the Volume Mascara's ad on the back of Cosmo for the first time I thought "well that's interesting. I'm going to have to try it out and see if it really works." I've used a lot of 2-steps mascaras before  and let me tell you I was not impressed. Most of the time they were too messy and not even once did what they promised. Twist up the Volume is actually the first mascara I encountered whose wand changes shape. It still fascinates me!

I scouted numerous drugstores to find that the mascara was sold out immediately. Not a a surprise really, heavy advertising and entry discounts tend to cause demand. I eventually found and purchased the products (while still on sale! Hurray!) 

On first impression I can tell you that although it is such a cool and gimmicky product to have I wouldn't be a happy camper if I paid full price. I love a dramatic effect and false looking lashes and every mascara that manages to give me that effect without having to bother applying lashes (because I am lazy like that) makes it to the top of my list. Twist up the Volume made that promise but failed to reach my high expectations. 

Don't get me wrong. Twist up the Volume is a good mascara, grabs the lashes very well, separates and adds length. Twist 1 Defined Length is also great for the bottom lashes as the wand is comparatively thing and allows you to really get even the tiniest baby lashes. However, Twist 2 Volume Oversize doesn't really oversize. I guess I really can't have it all, can I. On the other hand I should point out that it is very long-lasting and does not smudge at all which is a huge positive, especially with the moody weather we've been having lately. 

In short, Bourjois' Twist up the Volume is a great long lasting mascara and if you are more about length than volume you should definitely try it out. It's not a life-changing product, but definitely a really fun one to have in your collection even if it's just to enjoy twisting the wand (which I've been doing for 5 minutes straight before writing this review.) 

Rating: Writes great answers. Writes great answers. Writes great answers. 

Twist 1 Defined Length

Twist 2 Volume Oversize



♥vendy♥ said…
really great effect plami
happy day

Joana Teixeira said…
i'm not a huge fan of bourjois but it looks like it gives a good effect
Lilli said…
Hi Plami! This brand is really great for make up, always find the stuff too good. The mascara inspires me and definitely wanna try it. The effect on you is amazing!:) Kisses my dear!:*
Nora Armani said…
Nice review! Thanks for your comment and follow. I'm following you back on GFC. I don't see you on GFC, do you mind checking again? I think sometimes it gets stuffed. Have a great day and keep in touch.
Ella West said…
Hi Plami, I love Bourjois products and I will definitely try this mascara.
Have a nice day!
This is great!!! I can really see the difference! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the mascara!