The Wardrobe: The Perfect Dress to Transition into Fall

Fall is almost here. The mornings are chillier, the days are shorter and the leaves started changing colors. With the arrival of a new season the question "what to wear" gets harder to answer. I'm not ready to part with my summer dresses and sandals (which I didn't get to wear all that much anyway spending the majority of summer in the UK) but once in the shadow I start getting cold and irritated (that's a thing now). 

Transitioning into a new colder season takes a cohesively build wardrobe, some planning and some imagination. This beautiful maxi dress that I thrifted last summer is more than perfect for that time of the year when the weather starts getting moody and indecisive. It can be worn with jackets or blazers, sweaters or scarfs, open toe platforms, strappy sandals, ballet flats or even tennis shoes. I can even secretly add some tights for an especially gloomy day. 

Also, black is going to be huge this fall and I couldn't be more excited! I love the color and I can finally wear it as much as I want without someone going "you look like you're going to a funeral." Not that I care all that much what people say about my outfits. Life's too short for that, so just wear whatever you want! 

Outfit: Dress: Thrifted (Similar Black Dress) / Scarf: H&M (Similar White Scarf)/ Bag: Zara (Similar Red Bag) / Earrings: V&A Museum (Similar Red Earrings)/ Bracelet: Primark / Sunnies: Le Specs Revolver / Lipstick: MUA Shade 1

How are you going to transition into Fall?




♥ vendy ♥ said…
super look dear

happy day
♥ vendy ♥ said…
super look dear

happy day
Ana Meyer said…
You look awesome! Can't wait till Winter! Here it just gets hotter and hotter every day :/
Carolyne O' said…
Fabulous dress and you are so much pretty hun!
what about following each other via GFC and Bloglovin? Just let me know!

Lilli said…
Plami, you look great with this maxi dress! I also love black and I think will wear lots of it in fall! Lovely bag, I like your lipstick too! Kisses dear! xo
I can't believe that summer is already over... very nice dress!