The Wardrobe: Firmoo Eyewear Review

Firmoo Eyewear Review by Plamena Zahova on Fashion Thrill (fashionthrill)
If you're a long time reader you'd know about my eyewear addiction. I love experimenting with shapes and colors and wearing all kinds of glasses not only to protect my eyes from the sun or the computer screen, but also to accessorize my outfits. 

That's why when Firmoo contacted me offering to review their products and service I jumped at the opportunity. Having worked with the company once before I already knew I won't be disappointed. Using the virtual try-on system I chose my favorite pair (which was a hard task as I basically wanted all the glasses and all the shades in every color possible, but that's another story) and placed my order. Less than a week later I had these lovelies in my hands!

I love the settle cat eye shape and print. The glasses are of high quality and very fun to wear, while the price tag is more than affordable. Even better, if you're a first time user of the website you can order the first pair for free

Firmoo Eyewear Review by Plamena Zahova on Fashion Thrill (fashionthrill)
Firmoo Eyewear Review by Plamena Zahova on Fashion Thrill (fashionthrill)
Firmoo Eyewear Review by Plamena Zahova on Fashion Thrill (fashionthrill)



♥ vendy ♥ said…
super cute glasses dear
happy day
Sianna Marinova said…
Супер сладки снимки =) И много ми харесва косата ти така! Дълга ли ще я пускаш?
Lilli said…
Firmoo always got great products, I find them very good! Love the frame you chose Plami, it suits you so well! Looking utterly adorable!:) Kisses dear! xo
Ana Meyer said…
They look great on you!
Very nice glasses you look great!
Katie said…
you look so cute in glasses! i always wish i wore glasses!!
Summer Ramirez said…
I'm happy with my purchase! Check out my review here:
Anonymous said…
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Peter Cares said…
Interesting reviews about the brand. I think this is useful reference when looking for eyeglasses. I am still on doubt if I should wear regular sunglasses or should shift to transition eyeglasses. What are your thoughts?