Homemade: Birthday Eclair Cake

Homemade Eclair Cake

Today is  special day. It's my lovely daughter's birthday.

Happy Birthday my sweet girl!!! Be happy, smiling and full in colors and emotions!!! Follow your dreams with passion and persistence and they will come true for sure.

At home it is quite a rule to have a homemade birthday cake. It is not just about having a nice cake but also about investing efforts, creativity and emotions. We usually start thinking and planning what to make and how to decorate a week before. It brings special fairy feeling and magic.

Today's birthday cake is an eclair cake with milk and egg cream. For the eclair filling you need about 1/3 of the whole cream quantity with 100 g of dark chocolate melted in it. In the other 2/3 of the cream melt 150 g of white chocolate plus pastry cream. Can you feel the rich taste :)? 

It took quite a few hours to make the cake but it is worth doing it, believe me. The result is fabulous!

Find the recipe here: Eclair cake

Homemade Eclair Cake

Homemade Eclair Cake

Bon App├ętit!



Lilli said…
Happy Birthday Plami!!!! How sweet of your mom! The cake looks super delicious, would love to have a piece right now! All the best dear, enjoy your day! Kisses! xo
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