Bio Hemp Seed Oil Review

When it comes to skin and hare care the natural alternatives are always better than chemicals. That is why beautifying oils have exploded on the Western market the past few years. You can find products containing coconut oil, cocoa butter, tear tree oil, sweet almond oil, etc. But the one I have always been curious about was hemp seed oil. I've tried several products based on it and they all worked amazing for me, so when Hemp Seed Oil, the authorized representatives of Hemp Oil Canada Inc. for Europe kindly asked me if I wanted to try their product I jumped at the opportunity!

After regularly using the pure hemp seed oil for my skin and hair for almost a month it became an essential part of my routine and I will definitely be stocking up because I am dreading running out of it!

On my skin I used the oil as a moisturizing cleanser. I just pour some in my palm and rub it all over my face and neck and then wash it off. I have never used a makeup remover that does a job as great. My skin feels replenished, moisturized and clean without that horrible squicky tight  feeling. Sometimes I would even use it as a mask on clean skin and leave the oil on for about 15 - 30 minutes before I wash it of. It is like getting a moisturizing facial at a saloon! My face looks plumped and glowing and feels baby soft! 

For my hair I have been spreading the oil all over the length concentrating on the ends and leaving it on  anywhere from 30 minutes to overnight. The result has been better than I could even imagine! Soft, shiny, strengthened and luscious ... it's like all the styling damaged is lessened if not erased miraculously!

I should mention that both my skin and hair are on the oily side but once the oil is washed off it does not leave a greasy residue or film, just a feeling of plumped skin and healthier hair! 

I cannot wait to discover more ways to use hemp seed oil for beauty! If you want to try it I would highly recommend Hemp Seed Oil. They not only offer the pure oil, but numerous other products based on it! Take care of your skin and hair and order it today! I know you won't regret it :)

Do you use hemp seed oil in your routine? How?




I've tried jojoba oil, but I might need to give this one a try :)
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