June 2013 Beauty Favorites: Makeup, Skin Care, Hair care and Nails [VIDEO]

June 2013 Beauty Favorites | VO5, L'Oreal, Revlon, Sally Hansen, Barry M, La Roche-Posay, Gigs & Rogue, MUA, Nivea, Soap & Glory

We're half way through the year and it is time to share with you my favorite things for the month of June! It has been a month of color and experimentation. I finally dared to wear more brights on my eyes and the MUA Poptastic Palette and Barry M's Liquid Eyeliner in Electric Blue definitely came in handy! La Roche-Posay's Effaclar Mat quickly became my holly grail moisturizer and I used a gradual tanner for the first time in my life! 

What I am most excited about is that this time I finally decided to try to make a video for you! Filming feels very different than blogging and is way out of my comfort zone. I really hope you enjoy it and if you do I might try to post videos more regularly.

Don't forget to watch in HD. All the products I talk about will be linked bellow.

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Anonymous said…
Love your favorites video! It gives me an idea of which products I should try out next :)

Ana Meyer said…
Loved everything about your blog!
Following you xx


Lilli said…
Hi Plami! Have just seen the video, how sweet your voice is!:) Looking also very pretty and confident in front of the camera, I like it so much! Btw, the products you shared are interesting, the coral Revlon nail polish looks great and is perfect for summer, need to search it here too!:) Kisses dear, have a good day! xo
♥ vendy ♥ said…
I want to try the dry shampoo

Great picks! Love those nail polish colors!
Sincerely, Sara
Lali said…
I couldnt take my eyes from your eyes hahahaha this makeups make them really bigger!

Linda Becaca said…
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SLB * said…
love nivea !

james said…
I loved your video, and I would also love to see more vlogs from you in the future!
Thank you so much for the tips! I’m like you, I don’t like to use many products, and I tend to keep my hair natural every day! And in fact I also do the 2 hairstyles you showed us, and some times even a low ponytail, especially now that it’s summer, and very hot outside!