The Wardrobe: Dressed in Pastels

I associate spring with soft pastel colors and elaborate light knits. Salmon and mint are two of my favorite shades and paired together create a beautiful and fresh combination. In-your-face neons might be all the rage for SS2013, but I much more prefer the stylish, lady-like charm of pastels. They're so light and calm, harmonically enhancing the appearance without being overwhelming or overpowering. Pastels and neons are like Sade and Kesha. One has a soft, velvety voice and sophisticated beauty and the other one is just out there and loud (sorry to all Kesha fans).

Pastels and neons are like Sade and Kesha.

Pencil skirts never go out of fashion with their classic feminine and sexy, yet sophisticated like that enhances a woman's curves. I love the subtle metallic sheen of the one I am wearing, which ads a trendy vibe without being too loud. The salmon floral motives tie the outfit together referencing the light knit I am wearing on top. 

To add a saturated, decisive color I chose the deep, dark purple heels and purse. They frame the outfit perfectly, leaving the pastel tones in the spotlight.

I am wearing: Knit top: Handmade by my mom / Jacket & Skirt: H&M / Purse & Shoes: From Local Stores / Headband & Ring: New Look

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What are your favorite colors to wear?




Lilli said…
Hi Plami! You look so nice! I like how you matched the colors, the top is too cute, congrats to you mom! I like also the jacket! Kisses dear, have a great weekend! xo
Katherine said…
So beautiful outfit! Love those pastels :)

Following you back!
Jessy Nyiri said…
Great combo Plami!!
Jyoti Rana said…
pretty.. love mint <3
Anonymous said…
This is a very successful color mixing!