June 12, 2013

Moment in Time: The Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

The diamond tennis bracelet is one of the most elegant, classy and versatile pieces of jewelry. It is compatible with every wardrobe and suitable for every occasion, from a dressy cocktail, to a casual launch, to a tennis game. Yes, a tennis game! It was at a tennis tournament (the U.S. Open in 1987 to be exact) where the string of diamonds, previously known as  in-line bracelet, became known as tennis bracelet.

Chris Evert, World Number One female tennis star at the time, was playing a vigorous match when she realized that the clasp of her diamond bracelet had broken and the invaluable pieces had fallen off her wrist. She asked for time to find the custom made piece of jewelry, created for her by the celebrated George Bedewi. The interruption was so surprising that it received TV coverage from all over the world. Since that day a row of diamonds set in a bracelet in a symmetrical pattern is known as a tennis bracelet and the fascination for it is still growing.

In the following years other players such as Gabriela Sabatini and Serena Williams have been seen wearing expensive diamond bracelets on the court. Jewelers noticed the flaw in the design and quickly fixed it adding a safety chain to prevent the bracelet from falling of the wrist in case the clasp breaks.

Isn’t it fascinating how a single moment in time can make history? Every second, of every minute, of every day might be the one when a change so small as a safety chain or as big as a life might be born.
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Lilli said...

Its fantastic Plami, I like to wear this kind of bracelets, it is very chic!:) Kisses dear! xo

Linda Becaca said...

What a glamorous bracelet!

Trendy Teal

Thania SG said...

whatta fun fact to know the tennis game origin

Love ♥ TSG


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