Soap & Glory to go, please

I've always loved cosmetics and found the beauty industry fascinating. Lately this interest has been gradually turning into a real addiction so I decided to start a beauty feature where I will be reviewing products, sharing my favorites, maybe even doing some videos. 

The first three products I decided to review are travel sized hand sanitizer, cream, and body butter by Soap & Glory that I bought at the airport yesterday in a my-hands-are-so-dry attack. And when I say attack I am not even exaggerating. Dry hands drive me completely insane! I would even wake up in the middle of the night to put some hand cream on sometimes. I have creams everywhere - on my desk, next to my bed, and in my purse. I've tried tons of products and there are very few that I actually like. Maybe I should mention that I am very particular about hand creams. I don't like the water based ones, nor the ones that leave a greasy film on my hands and I feel like I can't touch anything. Still they should moisturize my hands well enough to gain my normal train of thought back. 

Back to the airport. I didn't have a travel sized hand cream to put in my hand luggage and decided to be brave and travel without one. I thought "It's just going to take half a day how bad can it be?" Well let me tell you it was bad. By the point I passed all the security checks I felt like I need to not just wash, but disinfect my hands. Then I thought of the awful, drying soaps they put in the soap dispensers at such public places ... then I saw Boots. "I'm saved!" I walked in and picked out the pink sanitizer and hand cream, because I've never tried Soap & Glory before and I was curious. There was a "three for two" deal going on so I treated my self with the indulgent body butter. 

All three feel and smell like heaven!

Hand Maid Antibacterial Hand Cleansing Gel

First of all it's pink! And as Audrey Hepburn once said "I believe in pink." The fruity-floral scent is fresh and absolutely lovely, without being strong to the point where everyone's thinking "what's that smell." The formula includes natural grapefruit extract and was created especially "For tube, air travel & commute use." The gel isn't very thick and left my hands refreshed, clean, and most importantly not dry at all. It didn't leave any uncomfortable film or a weird sticky feeling.

Hand Food Hand Cream

The adorable pink packaging claims that this is the most astonishing hand cream ever. It might as well be! The formula isn't greasy and contains shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow. It has enough water, glycerin and oils to moisturize my extremely dry hands and make them smooth and soft without being too watery or too greasy. Soap & Glory definitely found a perfect balance and I am buying the bigger one as soon as I am back in the UK! The Hand Food definitely has a "Holy-Grail" status for me and stands right next to the much more expensive L'Occitane Shea butter hand cream.

The Daily Smooth Body Butter

I should admit that I am normally pretty bad at moisturizing my body daily. I am lazy and it takes time and I hate waiting for the product to sink in my skin. I often find that body butters are too thick and never absorb completely. Another problem I have sometimes is that the scent overpowers my perfume. But this one I really like. I used it twice in two days! The smell is very clean and soft and it's not as thick as other body butters I've tried. It still takes a while to sink in completely but what can you do... The rosehip seed oil and cocoa butter are great for dry skin, so I apply it to my elbows and knees a few times a day. Definitely I product I would repurchase!

Have you tried Soap & Glory?
What are your favorite hand products?

*** This turned out to be such a long post, I should maybe start doing video reviews. What do you think?



♥ vendy ♥ said…
love soap and glory products...are really cool and fantastic packaging...
kiss and happy day

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I've heard great things about Soap & Glory, but I haven't tried their products yet.
jessica said…
yum i love soap and glory products! they always smell great! <3 <3
Tanya said…
Cool post.