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I haven't posted an outfit for ages. I can spent hours coming up with excuses, telling you how busy I've been and how sorry I am. Truth is that I have been neglecting my blog and prioritizing everything else in my life, which is something I promised myself I wouldn't do. I've sinned against fashion, against my blog, and against myself.

I used to read more blogs, magazines and books purely for the pleasure of reading. I used to write for the joy of writing. I used to be committed to my blog and to myself. Balancing between study and work, between London and Sofia, I only forgot to make time for this blog, to make time essentially for being my self - a person who loves fashion, and blogs, and magazines, and books, who place dress up every free minute and doesn't take it all so seriously. 

Now that I've made my confession I can start making steps back to myself, back to the place where I truly enjoyed writing, where I had my own voice and didn't really matter that it might not please someone out there.

The biggest sin one can commit is not lust, or gluttony, or greed, neither sloth, or wrath, or envy, it isn't even pride. The biggest sin one can commit is losing the essence his own self.

I am wearing: Vintage Leather coat, Sweater-dress: Made by my grandmother; Hat: Made by my mom; Boots: Nickels 



Welcome back :). Nice outfit and as always I caught a quick view of some great earrings
Lilli said…
Hi Plami! Glad to see an outfit post from you again!:) You look very pretty, love your handmade sweater dress and hat! Looking very chic!:) Have a great weekend dear, kisses!:*
Keit said…
Понякога, даже доста често, се случва да занемарим блоговете и да се върнем към "the real life". Но не задълго :D Радвам се, че успяваш да намериш баланс между всичките ангажименти! :)
I understand how you feel! Gorgeous coat <3
Gorgeous coat. Long coats always look classier.

As far as your confession - loved it. It's important to know what's important. Whenever blogging stops being fun, I always take a break. It's better to stop than to lose essence, like what you said.

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