March 27, 2013

The Wardrobe: Clothes that make Fairytales ...

There are clothes that make moments, clothes that are so special they remain intact by the time passing and fashions changing. Wearing them makes you sparkle and radiate confidence, the world becomes full of fluttering possibilities you are willing to say "yes" to. There are clothes that make fairytales. There are clothes that can change your life. Cinderella had her glass slippers. I have a skirt, the most beautiful, precious skirt...

March 19, 2013

Soap & Glory to go, please

I've always loved cosmetics and found the beauty industry fascinating. Lately this interest has been gradually turning into a real addiction so I decided to start a beauty feature where I will be reviewing products, sharing my favorites, maybe even doing some videos. 

March 17, 2013

The Wardrobe: Lace & Sequins go together like Coffee & Cream

I've been a busy, busy bee this week. I had to finish up several projects because tomorrow I am flying home!   I am excited beyond words! Don't get me wrong, England is great, but there's no place like home! I will spend a whole month with my family, sleep in my own bed, visit my favorite little stores hidden around the city and catch up on blogging. 

Talking about blogging, I am planning to start a new feature I am very excited about. Can you guess what it's going to be? :)

March 11, 2013

Inspirational Quote: Be a Unicorn

There is magic inside of you. Magic, waiting to be discovered. Magic, waiting to be unleashed into the world. There is magic inside of you. Don't be afraid to let it shine. Don't be afraid to be a unicorn.

Have a magical week!


March 8, 2013

The Wardrobe: Vintage Coat & Confessions of a Fashion Blogger

I haven't posted an outfit for ages. I can spent hours coming up with excuses, telling you how busy I've been and how sorry I am. Truth is that I have been neglecting my blog and prioritizing everything else in my life, which is something I promised myself I wouldn't do. I've sinned against fashion, against my blog, and against myself.

March 4, 2013

Monday Quote: All you have to do is try

Happy Monday! It's the beginning of a new week and I want to remind you that ...

All you have to do is try! And when things get tough don't be discouraged. After all ...

Have a great week!


March 2, 2013

I went. I saw. I conquered. Or my what I thought of LFW street style

Recently I've started interning for Fashion Prive, an online platform aiming to build a bridge between exciting new designers and Independent boutique and fashion lovers from across the world. Thanks to my cool new job as a content writer I got to go to London Fashion Week and interview some truly amazing designers. Today I will start sharing the articles and interviews I write for the FP blog with you. To kick it off I chose to publish my thoughts on LFW, or the parade outside the gate.

The word I’m looking for is captivated, fascinated and even mesmerized and not only by the new collections I discovered walking around the halls, accessible exclusively to professionals, but also by what was happening outside the doors and beyond the security guards. Somerset House’s courtyard was buzzing with people, or should I use Suzy Menkes’ terminology and refer to them as peacocks, who came to strut around, pose and essentially show off their most fashionable outfits. Weird is maybe a more appropriate word for the parade of attention seeking, self-proclaimed fashion lovers, chasing the photographers in hopes to have their pictures taken.

Painting everyone with the same brush never captures a realistic picture. I do know that not everyone who likes to dye their hair in cotton candy colors, mix five different prints together or accessorize with a crazy-looking, animal-shaped bag is in it purely to become famous for being famous. There are those brilliant minds, with brains bigger even than their personalities, who wholeheartedly love fashion, exactly this kind of crazy, expressive, hard-to-wrap-your-mind-around-it fashion. Think of Suzie Bubble, Leandra Medine from The Man Repeller and of course the controversial Bryan Boy, whose signature style is only a compliment to their astonishing work in the industry everyone wants to be a part of.

Looking at dazzling color combinations, neon hairs, girls trying to look like boys and boys trying to look like girls, no matter what their motives were, I started wondering when did fashionable become equal to weird. Not that I have anything against a man in a gorgeous red coat or a lady wearing all the rainbow colors at once, not at all. I am all for wearing whatever makes you happy. I only wish that an elegant structured coat, worn gracefully by a beautiful woman would attract as much attention and appreciation as the sky-high neon heels chosen by the most amazing drag queen I’ve ever seen.

I'm not implying that there weren't any gorgeous looking, disarmingly stylish and fashionable people. You could spot them among the crowd, inspiring with their outfit choices and with their indifference to the photographers. No, not indifference. Of course everyone’s flattered when a flock of street style chroniclers surrounds them with their flashing lights, but those people, the once that really were there for the love of fashion weren’t seeking that attention, and unfortunately in most cases they weren’t getting it.

And as much as I agree that fashion belongs to the people, it belongs to the streets where it’s reinvented and manifested every day, I still don’t understand when did the border between fashionable and openly weird become so blurred, when looking polished went out of style to be replaced by looking crazy? 


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