What to Wear for Valentine's day ♥ Какво да облечете за Свети Валентин

Valentine's day is just around the corner and although I won't be celebrating this year thought it would be fun to plan an outfit inspired by my favorite new TV series. The Carrie Diaries is one of the most adorable shows I've seen and the fashion is so fierce and inspiring! I chose to recreate Carrie's signature outfit that perfectly defines her style. It's all about sequins, big tulle skirts, crazy prints and statement colors, all of them boldly, but tastefully worn together.

All of the pieces were chosen from one of my favorite online stores - Zalando and you can find them linked bellow.


What are you going to wear for Valentine's Day? <3



snoopellie said…
very pretty outfit put together! I think what I'll be wearing is the same I would wear on the office got my internship that day. But I think I'll wear something floral :p :)

Lilli said…
Love your idea Plami, the dress is flawless!! Kisses dear! xo
Rosita Bizerman said…
Gorgeous! From the pretty dress to the killer pumps! Love Love Love it!

Luisa T. said…
I loved your suggestions, you certainly inspired me ;)

Ancia said…
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minnieyao said…
I am definitely wearing something red for Valentines day!
Hazel☺ said…
ohh i love watching carrie diaries! :) This looks fab! <3

xx Dress Me Up Buttercup
FormulaFarah said…
Cool post about Valentine! I have to work bleeh!

XxX Farah