Inspirational Quote: Enjoy the journey

"That's the thing about goals, when we focus too much on our endgame we can miss the fun of the journey, we can miss the detour that would take us somewhere even more rewarding. We like to set goals because they give us a feeling of control. But control is an illusion... because sometimes the Earth moves and we have to deal with wherever we end up, whether it's on solid ground or not."

~ The Carrie Diaries



Чудесен, вдъхновяващ цитат - още повече, че съм на пътешественическо-изследователско-вдъхновителна вълна!
Хубава седмица, Плами!
Gema said…
The Carrie Diaries is awesome ! Love the quote !

kisses from
onarpierce said…
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