Beauty: My Travel Makeup Tricks

As I mentioned last Tuesday soon I will be traveling home to spend the most beautiful time of the year with my loved ones. I’ve teamed up with Zalando UK to put together the ideal travel outfit and after so many of you liked it I thought why not share with you my little beauty tricks that keep me looking fresh no matter how long the trip is, and trust me to get from London to Sofia takes pretty long.

All the pieces are from Zalando UK and will be linked bellow.


What makeup do you wear when traveling?



Katherine said…
I love your tips! I do the same, plus carrying a facial spray (thermal water or such) with me, because I like the moisturizing and refreshing effect of it!
Great post! Love the make-up selection!
renae said…
Plami! boo! i haven't seen you for days and days and days. thanks for your 'few' words. no, really, i appreciate you and them. i just haven't seen you forever. did you do this board on polyvore? it's way cool. i love the raccoon.
Moisturizer is key! I usually moisturize, maybe put on some mineral makeup, and tinted lip color too. Light makeup is key!

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Memoir Mode said…
You should be designing magazine pages! I have snow on my blog too :) Hmmm, I like MAC face and body foundation as its pretty light and easy to wear xx
Wonderful tips! Cotton Candy lip balm sounds good.
Borjana said…
I wanna be the one rocking this,love it,honey!;-)
Good Wear Day said…
You're totally right about not wanting to wear heavy makeup! Tinted moisturiser is brilliant for this! Lovely post :)

-Good Wear Day-

Lois xo
Alba said…
great post!!!

Anh Nguyen said…
great tips!!!! thanks!

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Good tips. I like how you mentioned your brows. They are so easily forgotten during traveling. I'd also emphasize moisturizing. It's easy to dry up during travels.
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Heather said…
Great tips! x