The Hollywood costume exhibition ♥ Изложбата на холивудски костюми

Flashing screens, legendary costumes, halls buzzing with excitement. The Hollywood costume exhibition at  V&A was a joy on several levels. Going there I expected to see nothing but a few garments on mannequins labeled with the name of the movie they cam from. I just couldn't understand what was all the fuss about and why I had to prebook a ticket after waiting in line for almost 30 minutes. Imagine my surprise when three hours later I walked in the first of several halls illuminated by screen showing parts and bits of the most famous Hollywood movies, with dozens of mannequins dressed in the most beautiful garments from pictures I've seen or only heard of. 

The first one I laid my eyes one was Audrey Hepburn's sleek black dress from breakfast at Tiffany's - one of my all time favorites. I look up an instead of a plastic mannequin's head I see a screen with Audrey's stunning face smiling at me. It may sound strange but this screens were one of the best touched to the exhibition. They  brought life to every costumes, made it so real that it felt like you can talk to the Indiana Jones, captain Jack Sparrow, or even Darth Vader (who up-close is not terrifying at all, even a little funny with his face made of plastic).

Looking up I found Batman standing tall, monitoring the room for any disturbance and right across from him there was Spider, stack to the wall, looking for a beautiful girl to save. Next room from them Superman was caught mid-flight on his way to saving the world. 

Walking trough the rooms my excitement was only growing stronger as there were several pieces I really wanted to see - Dorothy's dress and magical red heels, Natalie Portman's black costume form Black Swan Marilyn Monroe's celebrated white dress. I never expected the last two ladies to be so fragile and tiny. Especially Marilyn, with everyone saying how curvaceous she was her small frame was very surprising. 

Those were the last few pieces. The exhibition ended with a bang so to say and I walked out feeling excited, my head buzzing, flashing pictures of what I saw in front of my eyes. The prebooked ticket, the waiting, the fuss. It was all so worth it!

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Sianna said…
Определено бих искала да я видя тази изложба. Дори ще успея да я хвана януари. Спомняш ли си какъв беше входа ориентировъчно :?
Anonymous said…
Lovely pictures, inspiring! XOXO♥
Oh, I would love to go to this exhibit!