Graze Box. You Guilty Free Snacks.

Today I want to tell you about this amazing service I discovered here in the UK. Called Graze box it delivers the nature to your home. Guilty free snacking with healthy little treats handpicked especially for based on your personal taste and the way you rate the hundred natural options they offer. Do you like nuts, seeds and dried fruits? Or maybe tasty crackers, dips and olives, or even freshly baked bread? For the ones who have a taste for sweets they provide flapjacks, cakes and other natural treats. Vote for your favorites and have them deliver at home or at the office, once or twice a week or a month. A box is only £3.89 including delivery and you can cancel any time or reschedule for an early delivery if you really need your healthy snacks on a certain day! Too bad currently they're only delivering within the UK but keep your fingers crossed they expand soon and offer their great services internationally.

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I've heard about Graze, but have never tried it. Looks yummy.
I feel like I would wait all week for this and eat it in one sitting!
The Fashionable ESQ