Ballgowns: British Glamour Since 1950‏ on show at V&A. Part I

Every girl likes to make a show-stopping entrance. Each dress at the Ballgowns exhibition is just about glamorous enough. 

Ever since I set my foot in London for the first time I wanted to go the see what the British Glamour Since 1950 was all about. A few days before I actually visited the V&A museum with its newly reopened, breathtaking fashion galleries, I heard someone say "It's nothing special. Just some dresses." That coming from a fashion student was surprising but didn't kill my enthusiasm. 

The moment I walked in I gasped. It was so much more than "just some dresses." It was the history of glamour starting at 1950, beautifully taking you trough every decade of elaborate frou-frous, long trains and naked shoulders, until you get to the eccentric metallic dress Gareth Pugh designed especially for the exhibition. 

The moment I saw an original Christian Dior dress from his New Look collection was surreal. It is something you remember for life. Knowing the history of this line, how revolutionary for its times it was and how it gave women back femininity and allure makes the opportunity to be near that dress one of the mot precious moments of a lifetime. 

Burberry, John Galliano, Vivienne Westwood, every piece, part of the exhibition, is a celebration of fashion, shape, and glamour. The one dress that will always be in my heart is the white Alexander McQueen Daphne Guiness wore to the 2011 Met Gala, dedicate to the genius designer. Every little feather, the perfectly bold  that accentuate the most beautiful curves of a woman's body made me love fashion so much more, if that is even possible. 

If you love fashion, or even if you like it just a little bit, make sure to visit the epitome of it at the V&A before it closes down in January. 

Stay tuned for the next parts coming up.
Не забравяйте да се върнете за продължението. 



mightymannie said…
I am going there next Friday as a school trip!! xx
Aya said…
I may have gone to this exhibit before, but your post reminded me of how amazing it is! xo