Inspirational Quote: Fear is a Prison ♥ Цитат за седмицата: Страхът е затвор

Inspirational quote: If you are lucky enough to find a way of life you love, you have to find the courage to live it, John Irving
"Ако имаш късмета да намериш начина на живот, който обичаш, трябва да намериш куража да го изживееш"

And to ...
И да ...

Inspirational quote: Be the best version of you
"Да бъдеш най-добрата своя версия"

Repeat after me:
Повтаряй след мен:

Inspirational quote: I will not let fear of failure consume me. I will live out my calling

"Няма да позволя на страха от провал да ме погълне. Ще изживея призванието си."

Because ...
Защото ...

Inspirational quote: Fear is a prison
"Страхът е затвор."

Inspirational quote: you can have whatever you are willing to struggle for
"Можеш да имаш всичко, за което си готов да се бориш"

Inspirational quote: It's a long road but it's worth it
"Пътят е дълъг, но си заслужава"

Inspirational quote: There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind. C.S. Lewis
"Напред има много по-хубави неща от тези, които оставяме назад."

Inspirational quote: The future is exciting
"Бъдещето е вълнуващо"



Lilli said…
thanks for your every monday quotes dear, love to read them! kisses!:*
Chris Ed said…
Really cool monday quote! You´re right with this quote:) happy week,
kisses chris
Slavuta Nastia said…
"Няма да позволя на страха от провал да ме погълне. Ще изживея призванието си."- I need to write it in the refrigerator to see every morning)
Slavuta Nastia said…
"Ако имаш късмета да намериш начина на живот, който обичаш, трябва да намериш куража да го изживееш"- good words! wonderful post!
Dana said…
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k come karolina said…
wow!!! that looks really cool!

xoxo from rome
Katie Frank said…
oh this quote is very true.. would you like to follow each other?
Great quotes !! Happy Monday and MUCH LOVE :)
Wonderful quotes to start off the week!
I love these sorts of posts, such a great way to start the week <3

xoxo Bree
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Sootjeelina said…
I love these, especially the last one. Many people (including myself) are afraid of the future. So afraid even, we forget to enjoy the good things as they happen because we worry to much about the next day. I try to enjoy the good things though, and most of the time it works.

xo Sootjeelina
These quotes are so inspirational. I love the first one, and the one by C.S. Lewis. It makes me realize I should look to the future more often indeed, and not think of bad things in the past.

Xo, Imke
Christine ♥ said…
that's such a great quote, i love the meaning behind it :)

hope you have a fab day hun! ~ XO
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Bridget said…
Very inspirational quotes for me. I'm going through those rocky times down the road.

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Hey gir,

I love your blog. it is pure inspiration. I follow you since now and you're invited to visit my blog.
Kisses XX

Trendy Feeling
... said…
wonderful quote! xoxo
Maya Bogaert said…
Such an inspirational quote! Always follow your dreams or always regret never trying it :)