Inspirational Quote: My Day. Your Day.

I start every new week by saying "happy Monday," but truth is Monday's can often seem hard and frustrating and everything but happy. Monday means the start of a new week full of challenges and alarm clocks, appointments and races against time, but also it means a new start, a fresh beginning, a chance to fulfill your dreams ... If it was hard for you to get out of bed today and just read this out loud:

Now go ahead and have a great day!



Elegantesque said…
that's a cute quote !



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Corinne said…
i love this quote! super cute & such a more positive way to look at mondays! they really are the most difficult days of the week!

xx Corinne
Lilli said…
ah that is so cute!! happy monday my dear! big kiss!:*
oh I like that ... 'my day' .... will need to remember that
Caro * said…
Cute quote, love it :)
Allison said…
OK, that's a great quote- it seems to make Monday much more bearable!
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Awe super cute quote <3 Lovely.
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Alba said…
cute words!