Inspirational Quote: Dragons can be beaten

When I was a kid I loved reading fairy tales. To be honest I still do love them! Many people have tried to convince me to grow up and look realistically on life and see that it really isn't a fairy tale, that happy endings are just stories that haven't been finished yet and that nothing comes easy. A few times i almost gave up on my dreams conquered by fear, feeling helpless and hopeless, but at those times of struggle fairy tales were what helped me find the will and power within myself to get trough the dark and reach sunnier days! Fairy tales are not just stories ...

The truth is that ...

So when faced with a dragon or a storm remember ...

And ...

Have a great week and remember that there's no dragon you cannot defeat and nothing you cannot achieve!



Lilli said…
Hi my dear!! as every monday is a pleasure to read ur quotes, they give lots of good and positive thoughts!! Have a great week ahead Plami dear, big kisses!!:**
This is great! I always loved fairytales :)

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Lisa Rosalie said…
Great post, I love quotes like this, always so inspiring :)

Lisa Rosalie
great! and so inspiring!

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see you around!
Anonymous said…
Hi dear :) Love your blog, i'm now following u*

If u want visit mine :)
Great post! Very inspirational! I always love fairy tales :)
What a wonderful selection of quotes!
awww..this is very inspiring.. :D thank you so much for sharing it over to us :) I really love your blog!! I'm a fan! :D
Lexxie` said…
beautiful! love the 1st one!