How to mix prints

When it comes to fashion there really are no boundaries or rules! Everyone sees things differently and has a distinctive style, and no one (well, almost no one) is wrong! Same goes for mixing prints - some people like it, some people don't, some people go crazy with it and others prefer to stay on the safe side even when taking on this bold trend. For me, personally, mixing and matching is like a fun game! I enjoy it so much and really there are no rules I follow! When my dear reader from Girlie Blog Seattle asked me to create a how-to-mix-prints tutorial I thought about the pieces I'd normally pair, about the outfits I've worn or plan to wear and found out that I actually follow some guidelines of mine, so to say. I will share them with you to give you some ideas and hopefully inspire you, but really there's no way you can be wrong! Just be bold, experiment and find out what you like! Here's what works for me:

1. The same print in different color or size. Like different size polka dots, or different color plaids.
2. Different prints in the same color scheme
3. Keep the prints in the same style - geometrics, florals, abstracts, etc.
4. Stay in the warm or code tones, pastels or brights.
5. Don't overdo the accessories, keep them minimal and simple
6. Never stop experimenting! Be bold!

Here are some recent examples of the way I mix prints that illustrate some of these principles.

Don't forget that these are only guidelines that work for me! The possibilities are infinite and it's up to you to find what you like! 



The Hearabouts said…
Love mix&match! Great inspiration!

S. - The Hearabouts
Lexxie` said…
you mixed all so well.
love your style!
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Hi Plami!:)You too! Btw, great tips and style dear!:) Have a lovely weekend!:) Kisses!:*
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Love the colors!


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Lovely blog post idea! GREAT JOB ;)

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Great post! Very informative!

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Nice one. Yes, I am glad you did this too. Should be so helpful. I like how you said to keep it in the same color scheme.
Maria Camila said…
So loving thise prints great style :) thank you for stopping by my blog :)

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ylenia said…
Great post here, I've alway wanted to mix printings in my outfis and this is so inspiring =)
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Elegantesque said…
Mixing prints is pretty hard !
Atlantic-Pacific is pretty good at it !

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Alba said…
combinations are too risky for me, but very creative.

Collections said…
I love mixing prints. Great post.

Amanda Chic said…
Amazing post!

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Anonymous said…
Great inspiration and awesome tutorial, now I'm curious to try it out :)

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Clara Turbay said…
I always find the best ideas in your blog so i come often.
I love the one with the skirt with the orange flowers! So pretty!

XO, Imke
Great post, and love your sense of exploration in fashion :)
Irina Toretto said…
Good idea the mix prints ! :D
Stephanie said…
Love all this mixin n matchin!