The Wardrobe: For the love of Prints

Lately I really enjoy mixing prints! I find it so much fun to pair different shapes and colors and create interesting outfits. With this one here I went all out by pairing a full printed skirt with a top that already has a mix of prints on it's own! I didn't hesitate whether I should wear these two for a moment! The muted, earth tones make the outfit settle, the light fabrics give it the perfect dose of femininity I need and the prints make it interesting without being too much out there or annoying for the eye.

Skirt: Made by me / Top: Made by my mom / Purse: Handmade / Bracelets: Vintage / Ballerinas, Sunnies & Feather earring: H&M 

Do you follow any rules when mixing prints?



Anonymous said…
Love the print of that skirt :)

Santenne of Crystallized Elements.
Lilli said…
I knew the skrit was make from u! congrats dear, it is very nice and so "ulyana sergeenko" style! kisses and have a nice day!:*
Lexxie` said…
love this outfit!
you should be a famous designer!
chachamisu said…
the pattern and fabrics play are so fun. you are so talented
Anonymous said…
Love those late summer tones, the fabrics look amazing!
I'm not confident with patterns, I only have 1-2 dresses with flower patterns...
You are so young and fashionable though, you know how to make it work!


gorgeous! made by you and mom! that's awesome! and what a lovely bracelet!
Very pretty!

The Urban Umbrella

Jessy Nyiri said…
Very lovely outfit!!
Great outfit! You look so cute!

Kate x
Stephanie said…
Love this look! Perfect combo!
Alex said…
I adore your skirt!!

Would be great if you visit me on my blog too!
Caro * said…
Very cute outfit, love your bracelet ;)
Collections said…
Love the mixed prints in this outfit.

gaby Jimenez said…
i like to mix prints too

pretty top

you did it well

follow each other?
Maria Camila said…
Thank you for wishing me a happy birthday, this is lovely.

Mia Dra said…
I have giveaway on my blog! Come and join! :)
Loreta said…
Lovely outfit!
Great combination indeed! And I love how that skirt twirls so perfectly!

XO, Imke
Love this outfit! Everything works together so well!
Anonymous said…
aw cute! you look fabulous!
Life's a shoe said…
nice look! I really love your skirt!
Am2Pm Chic said…
cute cute outfit!! it is such a nice and fresh neutral color.

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