Days of Lace

Lace. Exquisite and beautiful it's the epitome of all thing beautiful and feminine. It can be flirtatious or elegant, settle or incredibly provocative. Every woman deserve a piece made of fine, soft lace, anything from an evening dress to smoldering lingerie is perfect. The detailed fabric doesn't need heavy accessorizing, nor a special occasion, it can be dressed up or down and it's always breathtakingly beautiful ...

Skirt: Vintage & Made by my mom / Blouse: Made by me / Earrings & Necklace: Swarovski/ Ballerinas, Purse & Sunnies: From local stores

What's your favorite fabric?



Am2Pm Chic said…
ohh.. you are so great in mixing lace.. lovely

thanks for the sweet sweet reply..


Lilli said…
Plami, u are a great designer! love the blouse! congrats dear! kisses!:*
Kionon said…
Very 50s inspired, at least it looks so to me.
Stephanie said…
Beautiful! Love the lace on lace!
Liora said…
This is so pretty!

So ADORE this outfit, love the lace top and adorable blue skirt - so gorgeous <3
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The Urban Umbrella
Elegantesque said…
stunning outfit you look lovely

wanna follow on GFC and bloglovin ?



Elegantesque Blog
colors of my french flat ^^
You look amazing ^^
I love your skirt
New post - Kisses from Paris ♥
Hi sweetie, thanks for your comment :)
Yes, I really like Michelle Phan too, she is really pretty and I really love what she do! So great things :3 ♥
And your welcome, I'm so happy you come on my blog too ;) ♥
Oh great style you have on these news pictures, really cutie ^^

jamie said…
i've always loved lace since i was a little girl so it's no surprise that i love this look!

x james
carolina. said…
hi honey!! what about following by CFC? thanks a lot for your sweet comment on my blog!