Budapest photo diary Part III: The old city

Happy Sunday! Only two weeks ago I was enjoying the beautiful sights of Budapest and today I will share with you the last part of my photo diary from this amazing trip! The pictures were taken in the old part of the city where the Fisher's Tower, the Matthias church, the castle and so many other beautiful places are! When you go all the way up Gellert Hill you see the entire city bellow you with all it's magnificence and glory! I can only hope to go back and see all of it again!

Have a beautiful Sunday!



Sianna said…
Ох, красота! Страхотно място!
Anja Visočnik said…
Beautiful pictures Plami!! I've never had a chance to really explore the city but after your pictures...well, I wanna go there too :) Have a beautiful Sunday, looking forward to your posts :)xoxox
nice pictures girl ! :)
oomph. said…
beautiful the pictures.

hope all is well with you!
Lilli said…
Hi dear! such a stunning shooting! Im really enjoying this city with u!!:) Kisses and have a lovely sunday too!:*
Amazing pics !!
It's really eautiful
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Georgi said…
awesome, i cant wait to go on hols. Lovely photography honey.

Georgi at 7wonders xx
Your blog it's so lovely, i would love if we follow each other! Please let me know if you want too..
Stephanie said…
I am more and more amazed by these photos that you keep posting! I need to go there!
Tony SHT. said…
Изглежда приказно!
Anonymous said…
This is absolutely beautiful! I want to visit soon too... You look like the princess in her castle!
Take care!

Wow! Incredible photos! It looks seriously amazing there!

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